Episode 33: Take Control of Your Future

Episode 33: Take Control of Your Future

In this episode of Grab the Map, John Crutchfield talks about taking control of your future. He gives tips on controlling your future and what you need to do to have a financially stable and successful future.

[0:32] John says that your future is within your control and the most important parts of your future are within your control.

[0:41] John wants you to control your future and says that whatever happens tomorrow is largely within your control. How you spend your time, who you spend your time with, whether you're happy, sad, angry, or doing something that you enjoy, all that is within your control.

[1:34] The first thing to do to take control of your future is to predict your future.

[2:08] Predict what's going to happen. If you're spending a lot of time away from the people you say you love, you can look at your life and say that in 10 years, they're going to be gone, or they're not going to know who you are. Or look at the things you're going to miss that you want it to be a part of. You can predict your future.

[2:31] There'll be things that happen that you don't have control over, but you still have control over some areas.

[3:15] John wants you to recognize the problem when you predict your future.

[3:45] John knows someone who is having a real problem with substance abuse. He's trying to get her to understand where her life will be if she doesn't let it go. He says that she can have a new job, a new career, more money, and more freedom if she let that go, but to do that, she needs to recognize the problem.

[4:28] John has some stuff that he's mad about. Stuff that he can predict that if he doesn't make more money, get more time freedom, help more people, or when he gets to where he wants to be, there won't be enough people to help him. There won't be enough resources for him to do the things that he wants to do.

[4:47] John wants to build a school and pay for it all. But he can't do that unless he makes more money. He s that to make more money, he needs to recognize the problem and that he needs to something that makes a lot of money to solve that problem.

[5:11] Once you recognize the problem, educate yourself. That is the big core of the succession plan for Grab the Map. Get educated about real estate. Real estate can change your life, and it can solve many of the problems you might have right now.

[5:58] Real Estate allows you to the things you're really looking for, so get educated about it.

[6:12] John wants you to learn about all the different ways to make money with real estate. Make money in all kinds of ways, and real estate is the foundation.

[6:34] John then wants you to make a plan that causes you to have a different future.

[6:44] The plan that you're working on right now is working perfectly. If you're getting up right now and work in 6 to 8 hours a day for somebody else and coming home and doing nothing else, that plan is working perfectly. If you've got a stable job where you take no risk and get a consistent check, then that plan is working perfectly for you.

[7:15] John says what's not going to work is the new plan the same way. If you make a new plan the same way, the sky's the limit. Make a plan that causes you to have a different future.

[7:49] Lastly, John wants you to execute it. Hustle, get out there and execute the new plan the same way you've been executing the old one.

[8:09] John says that what got you to where you are is what got you. Where you're going is a new type of hustle, a new type of energy, and it's a new path. That is how you take control of your future. We don't just look at it. We grab them out.

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