Episode 35: Systems for Success

Episode 35: Systems for Success

In this episode of Grab the Map, Johnson Crutchfield shares his advice on succeeding in growing your business.

[2:04] Johnson emphasizes the importance of waking up at a certain time and putting in a certain number of hours.

[2:55] If there's no system in place and people are not passionate enough to do their work, they will be in the same place they are in right now.

[4:08] Johnson constantly uses a method of time blocking in doing real estate investing.

[4:44] You need to search for offers and look for openings and be in touch with other investors. It would be best if you were continually trying to ensure that the assets you already own run efficiently and produce the revenue they need to generate.

[5:00] To be successful, you should consider building new relationships and think of it as a long-term relationship.

[5:59] Johnson spends ample time negotiating or linking up with lawyers or contractors.

[6:39] Input a system where you leverage people that assists you in finishing tasks at hand.

[8:46] Be creative in figuring out how to leverage people's time.

[9:58] Johnson's wholesalers and students presented him with growing his business as an exchange to leveraging their time to become successful.

[10:12] Leveraging others is an important part of your system for success.

[10:46] You want to spend more time doing stuff you delight in if you are a full-time real estate investor.

[13:15] Having a set of lists of your tasks and holding yourself accountable is essential to growing your business.

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