Episode 37: John Interviews His Son

Episode 37: John Interviews His Son

In this episode of Grab the Map, Johnson Crutchfield talks about family matters, interviewing his son JC. JC will share his hopes and dreams and the things he's learned from having a businessman father.

[1:10] Real estate investors are very hard working, so much so that sometimes they don't spend so much time with their families. John, talks about family matters, bringing over his son JC to ask him questions about himself.

[2:10] Like most parents, John has high hopes and dreams for his son. But he expressed that his hopes and dreams for his son are nothing compared to his own son's hopes and dreams. JC shares that he hopes to play in the NFL and to own a zoo.

[2:40] To reach those dreams that we have, it needs to be planned out. An amount of work is needed to lead up to those dreams. JC tells his dad when asked what he's going to do to achieve his dreams, he practices football and learns about animals at school and with what he watches on television.

[3:23] It is important to remember that anything you put your mind to, you can achieve and fulfill. It might take long and there may be a lot of challenges ahead, but one must persevere to achieve that goal.

[3:43] The things we do right now are crucial to what we want to happen in the future. With our spare time, we can do a lot of things that could take us one step closer to achieving our dreams. The things we do now should be beneficial to the future. IT could be perfecting a craft, getting good at a sport, or maybe singing and dancing. When you put in the hard work now, the results will follow soon and the future will be brighter because you did your part in improving yourself.

[6:45] With a person that has a big impact in your life, there are lessons you pick up along the way that will help you in fulfilling your hopes and dreams. Being in business, learning from another businessman is wise. JC learned all about assets, liabilities, and profits from his dad. In case that NFL and Zoo owner doesn't work out, at least there is a business that he may take over one day.

[8:30] Remember that family matters, especially when trying to grow a business, making money, and getting into real estate.

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