Episode 38: John interviews his daughter

Episode 38: John interviews his daughter

In this episode of Grab the Map, Johnson Crutchfield talks about family matters, interviewing his daughter Malaika. She will share his hopes and dreams and how to achieve them.

[00:30] The show usually talks about real estate, rental real estate and investing. They also talk about buying and selling property and assets to create future wealth for families and legacy wealth and help a lot of people in the process. Being part of the working economy and help people get better outcomes for themselves in terms of education, and work and finances. In this episode, they talk about family matters. Who's a better person to interview than John's own daughter, Malaika.

[02:00] At a very young age, we already think about our hopes and dreams. This is of course the same with Malaika. When asked about her hopes and dreams, she says that she wants a lot of children and a big family. She loves family get-togethers and reunions. Malaika is happy every time all her family members are together, laughing and just having a good time. No matter how simple our dreams are or how big, they matter.

[02:54] Our dreams are not limited to one. It can be as many and as infinite as the sky. Another one of Malaika's dream is to be a veterinarian. She loves animals and taking care of them. To get to our dreams, plans are laid so that the way to our dreams can go smoothly and have as few struggles as possible. Of course, challenges are part of the road to our dreams but as long as we work hard for them, we will achieve them.

[03:47] As we grow up, we experience a lot of changes. The things we thought we wanted to do when we were younger might be different now that we are older. But it does not change the fact that in order to achieve those dreams, there has to be steps or plans that we do to get to that point.

[04:05] What we do in our spare time, no matter how little the time we put into it, but as long as we do it consistently and every day can have a big impact for your plans in the future. For Malaika, that wants to be a veterinarian, in her spare time, she could read more about animals, their habitats, or how to take care of them. For now, she also plays and practices her piano during her free time.

[05:36] The things we do in our spare time certainly can help us accomplish our hopes and dreams. What is important is that we use our spare time to be productive. We can spend our spare time doing things that help us enjoy our family, but also help us accomplish our hopes and dreams.

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