Episode 12: Being Married to an Investor

Episode 12: Being Married to an Investor

Being Married to an Investor

Reach out at [email protected] or visit GrabTheMapLLC.com for more information. The first female adult guest, Dr. Jandelle Crutchfield, talks about what it's like to be married to an investor. She's 37, a wife, mother, and professor (who does research about ethnic and racial disparities, education, health equity, economics, housing, and transportation). She's involved in the kid's school and the local church.

[03:45] What's it like to be married to a real estate investor? It's like a news feed where “breaking news” sometimes happens very quickly. It's a good adventure. John's high-energy personality, drive, and ambition kicks it into overdrive. There are many turns on the rollercoaster.

[05:30] Listeners, what are your (married) lives like as real estate investors?

John's wife has been both supportive and cautionary. She's there to support and fill in the gaps. John seems intelligent and savvy about business, so she's not heavily involved in deals or motivation. She sometimes wants to hear about new and exciting deals, and give recommendations. The best part for her is seeing the fully-renovated homes. She is there when he needs her.

[08:30] It's important to know what your expectations are in advance with your partner. Balancing work and kids has been a challenge.

[10:45] When investing, thoroughly consider the amount of time it will take to become successful. Scaling up has benefits with your own time freedom, but is not immediate. This is a long-term investment. It's important to talk with your spouse or partner about time, and the time frame in which things are expected to grow. John has felt better about spending more, as more income flows in. Sometimes, instead of fussing about how much money is going out, you need to get out and make more money.

[12:15] The family is planning to go on more trips (vacations) soon.

[12:45] A funny fact about John: he sometimes mixes up song lyrics. Jandelle eats corn bread, milk, and sugar by themselves.

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