Episode 16: Mentoring Other Real Estate Investors

Episode 16: Mentoring Other Real Estate Investors

Mentoring Others in Real Estate

After you have achieved some success (not necessarily millions) it is your responsibility to mentor others, so they see the possibilities. There is a tremendous need for help moving from space to space.

One of Johnson's early mentors didn't realize his impact. When trying to get to another level, seek out people who do what you have already achieved what you want, or are headed in that direction.

[3:10] Find a mentor who can: find money to buy property, finance real estate, find good deals, steer the ship. Johnson was paid the same paycheck, kept spending, and thought he could count on his retirement. After getting into rental real estate, he had opportunities to collect money (and build wealth) outside the 1st 15th day of the month. He could be an employer, not an employee.

[05:15] Johnson's life changed when he noticed larger checks and greater amounts of money coming in every month. Seeing that over a half million dollar checking account balance, changed his life. Some people are looking for someone else with a similar “why.” He wants to provide for his family and help people.

[06:45] Real estate does not limit one's reach and impact. Johnson can spend more time with his kids and wife. Real estate has changed his life. But, everything is not perfect! There were failures and missed chances. A house burned down. A contractor stole money. He lost relationships – mentioned in the book Grab the Map. There was strain on his family relationships.

[08:00] It's not easy, but it's worth it. Johnson tries to see what they're looking for, asks about their goals, and supports them in their goals. He shares what his hopes are. When mentoring, it's important to share successes and failures, but also share what YOUR hopes are for them.

[09:25] Mentors asked Johnson, why limit goals and dreams? “Why not have a building with your name on the side?” No matter what stage of your business, reach out and help others realize they can achieve more than they thought possible. Hold them accountable and check on their results.

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