EXP ICON AGENT - Tracy Frans

EXP ICON AGENT - Tracy Frans

Power Couple

Tracy and Brandon Frans, eXp Realty

Working with Cohesion

“Be real. Be you. Enjoy. Maximize everything you are doing in life.”

“We are constantly competing,” Brandon begins. Tracy and Brandon Frans met in high school

math class and have consistently pushed each other since. He's always been an analytical

type; Tracy is the energy bursting with creativity and can out run the energizer bunny anyday.

“We always had that natural yin-yang attraction,” Brandon continues. “That's worked really well

for our personal relationship as well as building our future.”

Their passion, enthusiasm and love for real estate is contagious. Mixing that with their

progressive and forward thinking minds have allowed them to raise the bar of commitment to

excellence. “We are constantly engaging in new ideas for better solutions and streamlining



When the couple got engaged at 23 years old, both were working in medical sales. But,

admittedly, they lacked passion for the services they were delivering.

That same year, Brandon and Tracy bought their first home. They became so enthralled by the

process that immediately following Tracy went after her real estate license and soon realized

that real estate was her true calling.

“Our whole life is centered on setting goals based around core values,” Tracy explains. “I was

working that eight to five sales job, traveling, and I couldn't really see raising kids and being on

the road. That's when the light bulb came on.”

“Her talent is real estate,” Brandon says. “And that turned into a business. Through the years I

was always close, managing the back end of the business.”

Tracy is now celebrating her 15th year in the industry. When Tracy's business had grown to the

point where she needed to hire more help they sat down together to create a job description.

“And when we read [the job description], it was like - this is what I do really well,” Brandon

recalls with a laugh. Soon after, he decided to get licensed and join the business in full.

“The more we embrace it and incorporate the business into our world, the more it's become rock

solid,” Brandon explains.

Ready to Soar

Tracy considers herself lucky to have found real estate. “I have a passion for an industry where I

can just soar,” she says. The first few years in the business, she was focused on balancing her

work in real estate part-time with her role as a mother and raising kids. Naturally, organically,

the business continued to grow, year after year with referrals.

“Once we were able to put all our energy into one industry -- it's amazing what we've been able

to design,” Brandon says. “ It's astounding to have two minds in the same industry with a high

personal standard of integrity, openness to new learning and bringing fun into everything we


“We have embraced taking on new challenges, overcoming obstacles, mentoring agents and

collaborating on a global scale,” Tracy adds. “It's so special to be in an industry that every

morning when I wake up, I can bring innovation to the table.” Tracy paints on canvas and often

uses her own artwork to stage homes. We go the extra mile and work ethic is never in short


We have finally dove into flipping and the brrr method since joining eXp and now have a portfoloio to help pay for their 3 girls' future.

Working with Cohesion

With the flexibility to be there for their family and each other, Brandon and Tracy are creating a

life of balance and cohesion after celebrating 25 years together. They have three daughters -

ages 8, 10, and 13 - and Brandon and Tracy have integrated family and real estate in a truly

creative way.

“I pay them a 1099 salary monthly,” Brandon says. “I want them to understand that when the

phone rings and we're working, that's their time to work on their business -- school work and

study.” The girls also help in the real estate business, stuffing envelopes, staging homes, and

coming along for showings. They earn their income.

While many agents focus on drawing clear boundaries between work life and home life,

Brandon and Tracy have worked to make everything they do cohesive, from family time to


“Real estate comes into every facet of my life,” Brandon says. “We like that responsibility… Who

we are is who we are. We're very transparent.”

The couple makes a concerted effort to give back to everyone around them. They stay active

coaching sports, giving back to the youth in their community.

“It's amazing how much gratitude I get from helping others grow,” Tracy says. “Spending time

with my own family and helping other families. That's what it all comes down to. We have so

many core values we want to provide our own family with. Real estate has allowed us to help

other families achieve those same personal goals. After only 2 years at eXp they have earned back to back icon awards, have 20 amazing agents in their organization, monthly rev share that pays their mortgage and stock ownership that continues to skyrocket! Everyday, it's about how to maximize our journey in life!

“The way we grow is to grow stronger together in our entire community. “,T: 402-321-2800 B: 402-321-1111 ,4023212800,Elkhorn