The Manhattan Sideways Podcast

The Manhattan Sideways Podcast

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The Manhattan Sideways Podcast aims to create a platform to share the stories of the small businesses on the side streets of Manhattan. What motivated the business owners to open their businesses, and then to learn the ups and downs of their environments? What makes these businesses unique? We are not only documenting the owners' remarkable personal stories, but also their advice to current and aspiring business owners.

The podcast is a product of Manhattan Sideways, a documentary project begun in 2011 with the goal of supporting the small businesses across Manhattan's original grid -- from 1st to 155th street, East River to the Hudson. After six years, we now have over 10,000 businesses represented on our website,, with write-ups and more than 40,000 gorgeous photos. The founder, Betsy Polivy, and her team hope that while listening to the Sideways Podcast you will be inspired to set out on your own adventure of walking the side streets, and, if you find yourself in New York, that in your explorations you will seek out some of the Manhattan Sideways Podcast businesses. You'll be glad you did.