Episode 11: Valentino Broz do TOP5 CANDY!

Episode 11: Valentino Broz do TOP5 CANDY!

On this Valentines Day edition of TOP5, we break down our TOP5 favorite candy. Brought to you (unofficially) by Joey's Chicken Shack and Gerard, our DoorDash driver.

Kenny implores you to tell him about a time that you PURCHASED a Goetze caramel cream.

We call Marshall “Lil Pit” Franklin and do a little Super Bowl recap talk. Aaaaaaand we get slow and sluggish by the end of the episode because we ate too much candy.

Sorry for the poor audio quality from Marshall's phone. Be patient, we'll get better!


1: 5th Avenue

2: Reese's trees/eggs

3: Cadbury Mini Eggs

4: Reese's Fastbreak

5: Zero

Honorable Mentions:

Milky Way

Mallo Cup

M&M Minis


1: Reese's peanut butter cup classic

2: Reese's Fastbreak

3: Cadbury Mini Eggs

4: Starburst

5: Swedish Fish

Honorable Mentions:


Hershey Symphony Bar w/ toffee and almonds

Sour Patch Kids