Episode 12: TOP5 Stand-up Comedians

Episode 12: TOP5 Stand-up Comedians

This week we're breaking down our TOP5 stand-up comedians. Well, Kenny broke down his top 5, Tony broke down his top 32. We both grew up loving stand up comedy, so it was fun to take he time to dive into our favorite comedians of all time. Our lists don't begin to touch on all of the amazing comedians there are and have been.

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Kevin Hart, Ryan Singer, Nate Bargatze

5: Gary Gulman

4: Marc Maron

3: Richard Pryor

2: Louis CK

1: Dave Chappelle


Honorable mentions:

Kevin James, Richard Pryor, Gary Gulman

5: Kurt Metzger

4: Bill Burr

3: Dave Chappelle

2: Louis CK

1: Marc Maron