Xbox Performance on PS Points to More Games Crossing, & "False Advertisement" | Triangle Squared Ep. 350

Xbox Performance on PS Points to More Games Crossing, & "False Advertisement" | Triangle Squared Ep. 350

This week sees updates from Microsoft on how well their games have been performing on PlayStation, and points to a readiness from Microsoft to “meet players where they are”, Kingdom Hearts 4 is rumored to be Square Enix's big 2025 release in a time where their slate seems otherwise dry from a AAA standpoint, and Bloober Team says Silent Hill 2 is an important game to prove them as a studio. We share our thoughts on all this, as well as look at the Community's thoughts on what constitutes “False Advertisement” to them, and explore whether Sony dismissing Days Gone is nearing their lack of confidence in Demon's Souls that came back to haunt them! Join us on this week's episode of Triangle Squared: A PlayStation Podcast!

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0:00 - What We've Been Playing

3:18 - Dave the Diver Continues to Impress

8:01 - Balatro's Addicting Game Loop

21:16 - Chris Revisiting Fallout 4

23:20 - Coming Back to Baldur's Gate 3

26:10 - Chris's Experience w/ the PS Portal

32:58 - Stellar Blade Early Hours Experience

36:58 - Phone Developers Moving to Console Games

39:55 - Question: Do Embracer's Troubles Kill Darksiders?

47:12 - Community's Take: What Constitutes “False Advertisement”?

1:29:45 - Returnal Gets a Graphic Novel & Art Book

1:30:43 - Xbox Game Performance on PS Points to More Games?

1:39:42 - Rumors Set Kingdom Hearts 4 for 2025?
1:42:20 - Silent Hill 2 Weighs Heavy on Bloober Team
1:46:01 - Lost Soul Aside Might Be FINALLY Nearing Release?

1:48:20 - The Wolf Among Us 2 Gets New Screenshots

1:51:00 - Question: Would Physical Release Help Alan Wake 2 Sales?
1:59:01 - Question: Is Sony's Dismissal of Days Gone Equivalent to Losing Demon's Souls?