True Story # 50 Monica Brant

True Story # 50 Monica Brant

If you know fitness, you know Monica Brant.

Monica is an international fitness icon, world class athlete, cover model and entrepreneur.

As one of the original pioneers to the entire fitness movement, Monica began her journey in 1991; just shortly after ‘Fitness' became an actual competitive aspiration during the late 80s. By 1994 Monica landed her first ‘Muscle and Fitness' magazine cover which opened numerous doors for more magazine cover and feature opportunities. Currently Monica has over 130 International magazine covers under her belt and has traveled worldwide sharing her love of great health to fitness enthusiasts everywhere.

Because of her dedication to her journey, integrity and interest in others, Monica's popularity grew rapidly early in her fitness career, gaining the admiration of millions of people world-wide and has continued for 3 decades now in 2021!

She competed in both Fitness and Figure from the years of 1991-2016, winning both her 1st and last shows. During her 26 years of competitions, in 1995 she earned Professional status by winning the 1995 Jan Tana Pro Fitness Champion and was invited to the very first IFBB Fitness Olympia (1995). By 1998 Monica took home the coveted title ‘IFBB Fitness Olympia Champion'.

In 2003 she was personally invited to join the brand-new Professional Figure division of the IFBB and competed for many years placing in the top 2-5 for most shows. In 2010 and 2013, she won the WBFF World Figure Pro Championships and finally, ending her competitive journey, in 2016 she was invited to represent the USA in the UK and won the 2016 PCA Figure Overall Championships.

Monica hosts a weekly show called “The Monica Brant Show” where she interviews legendary athletes, nutritional gurus and professionals who have helped build the Bodybuilding and Fitness Industry that we all love and appreciate.

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