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Welcome Survivors! To TUCK YOUR BOOBS IN: THE PODCAST that prepares survivors for the battle of overcoming trauma and helps you get your S#!T together after Crisis.

I'm your host Rebecca Cia- Author, Speaker and Survivor, on a mission to help women all over the world to Rise Up and Shine On after Sexual Assault or Abuse.

Tuck Your Boobs In- The Podcast takes a NO BS approach to preparing you for battle on your journey to overcoming your trauma and becoming a powerful fucking woman!

Every Wednesday I dive into the touchy-feely super-science of trauma, and give you real actionable steps to help you understand what is happening in your brain, body and mind and to help you turn your pain into power.

Okie Dokie- this is the part where I would normally be offering you a trigger warning; But- I don't believe in Trigger Warnings or sugar coating things. Studies have shown that Trigger Warnings can actually cause more harm than good because it primes the brain to seek danger and the participants often find the material more disturbing than they would have otherwise. I understand that some people may be more sensitive than others, so please note some of the stories and topics we will discuss include Childhood Sexual Abuse, Rape and Violence. I do my best to avoid unnecessary details, however, if you feel that these topics are too uncomfortable for you to manage, then I strongly encourage you to seek help directly from a licensed mental health professional.

I believe that a massive part of my success in stopping the trauma cycle, and building a life that is free of shame, fear and anxiety caused by both childhood and adult trauma, has come from being 100% real and honest with myself and I encourage you to do the same.

I'm so glad you're here... So Tuck Your Boobs In and Let's Go!