10. Xander "Star Dxg" Moppin

10. Xander "Star Dxg" Moppin

Star Dxg! Xander Moppin! My dear cousin, friend and musician! I love this guy so much! I live with him and we talk all the time, but it's still so rare that we have in-depth conversations like this. It was so nice to put some time aside and dig deep with him. Xander is the bassist of Yam Yam, and the brain behind Star Dxg, which is so fly and funky! We talk a lot about the importance of striking balance in your life, the importance of getting into stressful situations, and really coming to the understanding that we need to be able to surrender to what we don't have control over. You can find Xander on Instagram @star_dxg and find his band Yam Yam @yamyamband. Check out his new single “Locked” on Spotify here: https://open.spotify.com/track/16hk6OAQyR3agbvgCeH5Jk?si=EXqxg7CvQ-OzMet_FduoVA.

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