Everyone is talking about the iPhone 12 that just came out

-diff colors

-camera is better

-better battery life

I think everyone can agree apple is a big brand

-in 2018 they became the first trillion dollar company

-in 2020 during a pandemic they became the first US company to be valued at 2trillion dollars on the stock market

SO it really made me think, how come they continue to be so big and sought after, its a brand people are proud TO invest in

Like the iPhone, people are proud to show off their new iPhone as soon as it comes out.

Apple is FIERCE about upgrading their products and their brand

This is the same mentality you need in your life

Imagine yourself as an iPhone - you need to be a new model everyday

your philosophy on life should be that if you have the reflection more than twice, you werent being a great student

Student mentality is something thats so key

The best student will progress the quickest



Ask Questions

Have a Great Attitude

Work Ethic

It doesn't matter if it's your first day, 2nd week, or 4th month. It's never too late or early to start being the best. We are on a journey, but the quicker you make the decision to get great quickly - the quicker you will start progressing. Be the white rabbit - be the example of a great student! Have a great attitude and insane work ethic, the rest will take care of itself.