17: Set Goals, Not New Years Resolutions

17: Set Goals, Not New Years Resolutions

80 % of New Years Resolutions FAIL by February, so set goals instead!!

Why are you choosing your New Year's resolutions?

How many times have you made them, and which of your resolutions have you actually achieved?

Many New Year's resolutions fail because we're merely looking for a new experience instead of real change.

A resolution is a decision to (not) do a specific behavior, like eating ice cream before bed.

A goal is a series of calculated steps designed to help you achieve the resolution, like starting to meditate at bedtime.

By this definition, it may be more straightforward to think of goals as the planned-out process of achieving your resolution.

By setting goals, you're differentiating your desired outcome from the steps you must take to accomplish it.

6 Steps to help you:

1: Decide and commit to making a change

2: Document what you want

3: Get clear on the why

4: Find absolute certainty and take action

5: Measure your progress

6: Keep going!

Starting your year with no New Year's resolutions can be a liberating experience of getting what you really want.