The episode you all have been waiting for!!

Resistance is self sabotage.

Resistance comes from inside you.

Resistance is any and every excuse you've ever made.

Everytime you're "not ready yet" or everytime you decide you'll start "tomorrow," that's resistance.

Every single fucking time you decide that you'll start your work after "one more episode" or one more YouTube video, that's Resistance.

Resistance is all encompassing. It's procrastination, fear, self doubt, rationalization, distraction, and self indulgence, all wrapped into one.

And after a long, hard, grueling day of battle with Resistance in all its forms, he smiles, not only knowing that, atleast for today, he has won, and Resistance has lost, but also knowing that he'll have to suit up for battle again tomorrow.

Don't be an amateur.

Don't allow Resistance to keep you away from realizing how extraordinary you were meant to be.

Turn pro.

Start today.