Episode 32: All About Job Interviews

Episode 32: All About Job Interviews

Episode 32 highlights:

- The last chapter of Philip's journey with the excavator.

- Essential elements of an impartial interview process.

- The STAR method – Situation, Task, Actions and Results – in interviews.

- Structuring a scoring system for interviews.

- Questions to ask and “Closing” as the interviewee.

- Connecting with the interviewer.

The article review is a white paper titled “Is the New Normal Accelerating the Need for Better Portfolio Management Technology?” by Vestmark.

A link to the article can be found on our Twitter (@value_ability) or Facebook (@valueablility) accounts, as well as on our website at https://value-ability.com/content.


00:00 Introduction

09:56 Podcast Contact Info

10:37 All About Job Interviews

51:56 Article Review

1:03:58 Wrap Up

1:05:34 Disclaimer

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