Episode 33: Regulation BI

Episode 33: Regulation BI

Episode 33 highlights:

- Philip makes it 63 times around the sun!

- Jess Gaurke, Director of Compliance at USAdvisors Network joins us to discuss Regulation BI

- History and Background of Reg BI

- The four obligations of Reg BI – Disclosure, Care, Conflict and Compliance

- The importance of documentation

- Details of the Care obligation

The article section reviews a piece titled “Want to Be More Productive? Try Doing Less.” from the Harvard Business Review.

A link to the article can be found on our Twitter (@value_ability) or Facebook (@valueablility) accounts, as well as on our website at https://value-ability.com/content.


00:00 Introduction

06:39 Podcast Contact Info

07:37 Special Guest Jess Gauerke on Regulation BI

56:44 Article Review

1:05:22 Wrap Up

1:06:44 Disclaimer

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