Episode 38: The Death To Do List

Episode 38: The Death To Do List

Episode 38 highlights:

- Debbie Pepin from death-to-do-list.com joins the podcast!

- Why we don't talk about death

- Removing euphemisms for death from our conversations

- Tools for financial professionals to discuss death with clients

- How financial professionals can implement the Death To Do List

The article reviewed this week is “The 7 biggest shockers from my four decades of financial planning”

A link to the article can be found on our Twitter (@value_ability) or Facebook (@valueablility) accounts. The article link and Debbie Pepin's contact info are available on our website at https://value-ability.com/content.


00:00 Introduction

04:20 Podcast Contact Info

05:58 The Death To Do List

55:20 Article Review

1:06:50 Wrap Up

1:08:26 Disclaimer

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