#3: Roz Rimes, animal assisted wellbeing

#3: Roz Rimes, animal assisted wellbeing

Roz Rimes is the Founder of the social enterprise, Live With Zest (www.livewithzest.com.au). She is a wellbeing educator, speaker and coach, working alongside her 2 Labradoodles to enhance wellbeing for young people and clients. Roz is a proud wife and mother, a MAPPster (Masters of Applied Positive Psychology Alum) and a lifelong learner!

In this episode, Roz shares her journey into the work of animal assisted wellbeing and the science behind why it works. Megan and Roz share stories of working with young people benefiting from the presence of a wellbeing dog. They also discuss the science behind savouring and how it can be used to support our wellbeing and enhance positive experiences.

One of Roz's Labradoodle's, Rafa, also joined Megan and Roz in the studio and he sings a duet with Roz during the episode. That's right, a singing Labradoodle!

Host: Megan Corcoran, Wagtail Institute

Music by Kabbilistic Village https://kabbalisticvillage.com/