#4: Graeme Baird, the importance of mentors

#4: Graeme Baird, the importance of mentors

Graeme Baird is psychologist who has dedicated his career to supporting vulnerable and traumatised people through both private practice and through work with the public sector. A lot of Graeme's work has been with young people in the out of home care system and he has supported and trained staff working in these settings and in alternative schools. It was through this work, that Graeme and Megan met back in 2011.

In this episode, Megan explains that it was Graeme's mentorship that helped her survive that first year working in the field and develop the complex skills required to de-escalate aggressive and sometimes violent behaviours. Graeme shares that it was his own early career mentors who supported him, enabling him to reflect on his own practice and relational skills.

Megan and Graeme also discuss the role Graeme played in de-institutionalising the out of home care system for young people (going from 140 children in a facility, down to 2-4 in a home as it is today).

More on Graeme's work can be found here: https://mcalpineb.com.au/

Host: Megan Corcoran, Wagtail Institute, https://wagtailinstitute.com/

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