#6: "J", building mental health and overcoming trauma

#6: "J", building mental health and overcoming trauma

Episode 6 comes with a trigger warning. We discuss childhood trauma and the topic of suicide.

"J" is passionate about children having the right to a safe childhood and protecting others from trauma. J is a young man building a healthy life after his own experiences of childhood trauma and then navigating a toxic work culture while serving in the Australian Army. J has worked hard to build a healthy life for himself, finding some strategies that have supported him along the way.

In this epiosde, J bravely shares his life story, taking us through the dynamics of his family life, his early memories of family violence and the impact that had on his teenage years. He speaks about his dream to join the army and the steps he had to take to make it happen. Unfortunately, J found the reality of army life wasn't quite the dream he'd held on to, acknowledging the culture as one with low wellbeing and minimal mental health support in place.

J also shares his personal journey with the mental health system and his relationship with suicide. We discuss what has helped J overcome these challenging periods of time and some steps others can take towards their own healing.

We have changed the name of the guest to protect his identity.

If you or someone you care about is struggling with their mental health, please reach out and get support.

Lifeline: 13 11 44

Beyond Blue: beyondblue.org.au/about-us/contact-us (online chat or phone call options)

Host: Megan Corcoran, Wagtail Institute, https://wagtailinstitute.com/

Music by Kabbilistic Village https://kabbalisticvillage.com/