#10: Megan Corcoran, Willie Wagtails and the right to a magical childhood

#10: Megan Corcoran, Willie Wagtails and the right to a magical childhood

Megan Corcoran is the Director of the Wagtail Institute (www.wagtailinstitute.com) and the host of the Wag Tales Podcast. The Wagtail Insitute provides trauma-informed wellbeing consulting to schools and complex settings to enhance trauma-informed practice and the wellbeing of these unique communties. Prior to her work with the Wagtail Institute, Megan spent 12 years teaching and leading in Alternative schools for young people who had experienced childhood trauma and signifcant disadvantage.

This episode is a reverse role podcast where Megan jumps in the seat of the guest and dives more deeply into sharing some of her work and the journey to where she is today. Shayne Hood (guest from Episode 2) kindly jumps back in the studio and takes the role of the host, firing the tough questions Megan's way. Megan and Shayne discuss why Megan started the Wagtail Institute, her previous experience in Alternative schools and some of the childhood experiences that have guided Megan along the way. Megan explains how she believes that every young person deserves to have a magical childhood and how each career change has been a values led decisison. Shayne and Megan discuss where positive psychology fits in trauma-affected settings and they share some of their own personal wellbeing practices.

More about Megan's work: www.wagtailinstitute.com

Host: Shayne Hood, https://www.shaynehood.com.au/

Music by Kabbilistic Village https://kabbalisticvillage.com/