#13: Mat Rad, mental health, movement and healthy masculinity

#13: Mat Rad, mental health, movement and healthy masculinity

Mat Rad is “two feet and heartbeat”, using boxing as a vehicle to support mental health. Mat is a boxing coach and advocate for healthy masculinity, movement, and mental health. He coaches a variety of people, from high school groups, first time boxers, through to those competing in the sport. It is through boxing that Megan and Mat met, and both acknowledge the benefits of the sport on their own health and personal development.

In this episode, Mat shares his own story of struggling with mental health and experiencing panic attacks while working a corporate job. He sheds light on how we often separate physical symptoms from mental health experiences and chase an easy fix. Just over 12 months ago, Mat experienced the loss of his Mum and Grandmother just days apart, giving him the push to drastically change his situation. Mat sold his possessions and spent months hiking his way through Tasmania while processing his grief. He speaks with an incredible insight and gratitude for his experiences, but is honest about the conscious effort, the professional support, and practice he puts in place to hold this mindset. Mat is passionate about mental health for all, with a particular focus on healthy masculinity. He talks about the importance of vulnerability and connection for men (of all ages).

While Mat and Megan discuss some heavy topics, this episode is also filled with a lot of laughter and boxing puns, too.

You can look into training with Mat by contacting him on his Instagram (@mr_mat_rad) or checking out his workplace here: https://tributeboxing.com.au/

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Host: Megan Corcoran, Wagtail Institute, https://wagtailinstitute.com/

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