#15: Matthew Hartnett, wellbeing in the AFL and the importance of connection

#15: Matthew Hartnett, wellbeing in the AFL and the importance of connection

Matthew Hartnett is an AFL Talent League Wellbeing Coordinator and a long-term teacher, with a passion for supporting those he interacts with to develop skills and resources for their mental health. Megan and Matt first met in 2018 while both studying their Masters in Applied Positive Psychology. Megan remembers Matt saying it was his dream to one day work for the AFL in a wellbeing role. Matt now gets to live this dream, working with under 18 AFL hopefuls on their wellbeing, through whole team initiatives and 1:1 support.

In this episode, Matt talks about the importance of wellbeing on performance, whether it be sport performance or performing in other roles we take on. He shares some of the strategies he uses with the football team, including character strengths, mindfulness, positive relationships, and a balanced approach to their aspirations. He talks about the powerful moments shared when the boys all meditate together before a match.

While taking on his dream job, Matt continues to work in a school as a Year 5/6 Coordinator, still speaking with a lot of passion for education after 25 years in the field. Matt suggests that the key to his longevity in education is through having a strong community, using the school holidays to recharge, and ensuring he has variety in the roles he takes on.

Matt also talks about his beautiful family, sharing what it is like raising 3 daughters (who are luckily into sport), and how growing up with a brother with down syndrome taught Matt a lot about empathy, wellbeing, and love.

Host: Megan Corcoran, Wagtail Institute, https://wagtailinstitute.com/

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