#17: Kristy Elliott, restorative pathways to wellbeing

#17: Kristy Elliott, restorative pathways to wellbeing

Kristy Elliott is a consultant leading the way in restorative practices in schools through her work with Restorative Pathways. Kristy is a wife, a parent, a lifelong teacher, and a lifelong learner who has dedicated her work to the wellbeing of students and staff in schools. Megan and Kristy met towards the end of 2022, while both working as external consultants on a project. They have had the pleasure of collaborating in various ways for the past twelve months, often bouncing ideas between them.

In this episode, Kristy shares the story of how she learned (and quickly led) restorative practices in schools early in her teaching career. She breaks down the definitions and explains how schools started adopting this work to support communities where harm between students had occurred. Kristy explains how restorative practices can support student and teacher wellbeing and she provides some tips on how we can bring parents and caregivers on the journey, too.

Megan and Kristy share some stories of managing student conflict, repairing relationships in schools, and they discuss the importance of adults also engaging in these practices.

You can find more on Kristy and Restorative Pathways here: https://restorativepathways.com.au/

Host: Megan Corcoran, Wagtail Institute, https://wagtailinstitute.com/

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