Ari Hoffman, Rainbow Marketing, & Hate Crimes Up 400%

Ari Hoffman, Rainbow Marketing, & Hate Crimes Up 400%

Content Warning: It's an emotionally heavy conversation this episode, with discussions around the rise in hate crimes, personal stories related to hate crimes, and tough discussions around the discrimination that LGBTQ+ communities face from their families, and the community at large.

What the @&$!? Pride Edition

Rainbow Washing: are Bud Light rainbow cans a good thing, or bad thing?

Target Selling Pride Wear, flying a rainbow logo, but they gave more money to Republicans than Democrats?

Victoria's Secret celebrates their LGQTQ+ staff, but won't have Trans models walk in their fashion shows?

The Conversation:

We share a story of dad hugs, we talk about the fact that hate crimes are up 400% in Seattle, and across the nation. Seattle City Councilwoman Lisa Herbold recently spoke to this issue, musing that victims of hate crimes could work with their attackers in some manner of restorative justice. We had some thoughts about that.

Big News Breakdown

Sarah Huckabee Sanders leaves the White House!

Guy Polumbo blocked all of us! How dare we?

We say something nice about ESTABLISHMENT DEMOCRATS.

We talk about Ari Hoffman and why we sat down with him.

Our Guest This Episode:

Then we talk TO Ari Hoffman, who is running for Seattle City Council's District 2 Seat. It's a long one, so we release the entire hour and a half with Ari in addition to this show.

The Palate Cleanser:

What's bringing us joy? Lots of good stuff!

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