Proud Boys Junk Up Seattle, Concentration Camps, & Vomit Candy!

Proud Boys Junk Up Seattle, Concentration Camps, & Vomit Candy!

It's Episode 8! We've got PunMaster General and friend to the show Atom as a special guest, and the usual crew too! Follow us on @BetterLeftCast.

What the &!%#?

The Influencers, the internet is lousy with them. Speaking of lousy, how about the couple that has mom pay for them to tandem bike (srsly?) from Germany to Africa. What could go wrong?

Makeup Influencer Jaclyn Hill releases hairy lipstick tip, so we discuss the messy, unregulated beauty industry and how this should be a women's health issue that concerns us all.

Big news breakdown:

Proud Boys are rushing the streets of Seattle, gearing up to harass our trans family during the trans pride parade. We question the protestations of straight pride. Both sides you say? GTFO.

Concentration Camps? Yeah. That's what they are. We get into the topic, but why we do we have to? Guess we are just trying to put out a dumpster fire.

Why is all this happening? Are we seeing an increase in hate and violence as a last-ditch effort of a dying breed, or is this just the way humans work?

We Beanboozled Our Self! This wretched segment is called a "palate cleanser", but it rarely does. Dog food, dirty dishwater, pig farts, stink bag - these should not be jelly beans! Tune in to find out who got juicy peach, and who got dirty sock. It's disgusting to listen to.

Music provided by Monstercat:

Summer Was Fun feat. Colordrive - Watching

TheFatRat, Slaydit & Anjulie - Stronger

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