Seattle Primaries, Candidate Survivor, Clowns: Clothes or Face?

Seattle Primaries, Candidate Survivor, Clowns: Clothes or Face?

Troy sits in for Sarah this week, hanging out with Jay, Bill, and Corn for the biggest lil' podcast in the nation! It's a fun show? We're all a little sad because this is one of Bill's last shows in person because he's moving to "somewhere" with "grass" and that sounds super suspicious.

What the Shit?!

Music is for the dogs

Trump does something nice and we're suspicious

Big News Breakdown

The Seattle primary results are in!

A report from Candidate Survivor


Jay Inslee came back from his presidential bid and he was still the governor. That meant everyone waiting for their chance to move up the ladder here in Washington were left without a plan for ascendance. We talk about all the folks we think are grumbling, from Seattle City Council to Congressional candidates, incumbent or otherwise.

Big News on the Better Left Network

We talk about our new podcasts, with new hosts, and great guests!


You've got to listen, this kid was messed up. Moral of the story? Keep your kids engaged, because bored kids do really shitty things.

Palate Cleanser

We needed a therapist, we did a telling round of Would You Rather instead.

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