Andrew Hong, Warren In Seattle, & Riddle Me This!

Andrew Hong, Warren In Seattle, & Riddle Me This!

The team is together again, and this time it's for the last time for one of, just like the first time again. High school community organizer Andrew Hong talks mobilizing yourself and your community, we talk about all the crazy stuff going on inside our President's mind, and subsequently his tweets, and win riddles.

What the Shit:

Here I am, Nuking Up Your Hurricane

Andrew uncovers the real scoop: HIGH SCHOOL FLAT EARTHERS

We open our Florida Man advent calendar, only you begin on January 26th and you can never stop, day-in, day-out, because Florida Man doesn't take a vacation. Instead of candy or toys, you get a communicable illness, animal cruelty charges, and a warrant.

E. Warren, a candidate in the United States Presidential race, visited Seatle, Washington, where she praised the city of Seattle, and her mayor, Jennie Durkan, for being so very progressive. This, in front of 15,000 perplexed attendees.

Big News Breakdown:

Just as Donald Trump shared a fan-video of his greatest hits created by his white nationalist pals on Twitter, the DOJ upped the ante by appending some extra credit reading in the form of links to white nationalist websites. Is he racist yet?

How will the judgment against Johnson & Johnson in the opioid case impact big pharma, and the future of litigation against an industry that colluded to poison America?

Special Guest Andrew Hong: The World's Youngest Living Politically Active MerNerd

We chat with campaign volunteer and community organizer Andrew Hong, and he shares why he's passionate about getting engaged in politics on the local and national level. Andrew is one of our favorites, as a comrade in community organizing, but also because of his how he's been able to leverage his big brain to make this world a better place.

Palate Cleanser

We dine again on the Buzzfeed content farm buffet and Troy takes home the medal for scoring in the prestigious 50th percentile for this cleanser.

We wrap on what's coming in the future! Topics like the pending US census and its impact on redistricting in Washington State, our pending video game streams, and you can join us in our Discord:

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