Politics with Franc & Adam & Wally Wankings Drops a Doopidy-Doo

Politics with Franc & Adam & Wally Wankings Drops a Doopidy-Doo

Sarah is joined by hosts Troy, Corn, and Atom, with producer Jay on the dials. In this episode, we visit with our old friend Franciose and Adam and talk their political activism via their roles with ASUCD, or Associated Students of the University of California Davis. We also talk Facebook dating, Aliens,

What the &#^?

Blink 182 invented UFOs. I beg the powers that be in this, the worst timeline, that we don't have to talk more about this in the future.

Facebook Dating, wherein we discover that Atom is catfishing, and also dodging his mom on dating apps. Weird!

Big News Breakdown!

Working Families Party endorses Elizabeth Warren, and the internet blows up. Both Sarah and Troy are members of the MLK County Working Families Party, and we've got positions. We also take some time to talk about the impact that the rancor has had on WFP staff.

The Conversation:

Francoise is a former campaign volunteer for Sarah's Congressional run who is currently in California for school at UC Davis. He's currently the Chief of Staff to the President of the Associated Students the University of California Davis. Our special guest Adam is the external affairs vice president. ASUCD is a 15 million dollar independent organization that represents students wherever they may need representation, and they talk about their work in politics, advocacy, and activism in YOLO COUNTY! WUT!?

Palate Cleanser:

We eat some nasty candies, wash it down with nasty booze, and make a lot of noise. We glaze some donuts, which doesn't sound right and didn't taste right either. Wally Winky Wankings and the Chocolate Double Bubble Factory makes an appearance.

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