Mike Yestramski of AFSCME/WFSE, Jay Forms Progressive Voltron

Mike Yestramski of AFSCME/WFSE, Jay Forms Progressive Voltron

Spoiler Alert! Mike Yestramski Jr. came to visit to talk about his run for President of the AFSCME Council 28 WFSE, then Jay slipped into something more comfortable (a giant Penguin suit), and Yestramski won his race! So if you are running, you might want to hire Jay for your campaign, your children's birthday party, and bat mitzvahs.

Jay Inslee ignores the Indigenous people assembled at the State Capitol begging for an audience, Inslee has no time because just so busy fighting mango-flavored vape cartridges. The current Senate Majority Leader gets the majority of his funding from tobacco, which makes us question our motives here.

Our Jay walks us through a paper written by 68-year-old Professor Shawn Rosenberg that has SHOCKED! (shocked they say!) the establishment, as he dismantled everything they know about American Democracy. From politico: "Rosenberg, a professor at UC Irvine, was challenging a core assumption about America and the West. His theory? Democracy is devouring itself, in his paper predicting the end of democracy."

We talk to Mike Yestramski about unions, his experience as a psychiatric social worker at Western State Hospital and his run for President of AFSCME Council 28 WFSE. We break down what he does at Western State Hospital, he talks about the importance representation and collective bargaining, and why he is running. It is a great conversation, an important dialogue on representation.

Everyone begrudgingly takes a personality test, but they are salty because it didn't come from a teen magazine to help you find out "Which Friends Character are You" or "WHAT KIND OF CROISSANT ARE YOU" Buzzfeed quiz. Turns out Jay is that one guy at the coffee place that was really bitchy about doing his job.

Thanks for editing the show, jay!

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