Bezos, Biden, & ICE All Suck, So We Rallied! Troy Survived Congress Camp

Bezos, Biden, & ICE All Suck, So We Rallied! Troy Survived Congress Camp

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What the Shit?

Eric Swalwell rage farted at Chris Mathews on MSNBC during a Trump rant or something. Or was he framed? Who knows for sure - all we know is that farts are still funny and we are grown-ass adults.

We dissect celebrity donations to the Presidential campaigns, and it is both incredibly upsetting and super cliche. C'mon Tom Hanks! Raven Simone! We don't care what you do, anyone listed under Trump, because we don't know who you are and we'd like to keep it that way. Stay sub-par!

ScarJo gets a special mention because really, what the shit? Do we forgive her? Does she remain awful? When is she off restriction, anyway?

Are You Ok, Boomer?

We all share some thoughts on whether you actually are, but don't be mad! We originally did it behind your back like a normal flock of Seattlites. We just forgot we were recording a podcast, like a normal flock of Seattleites. So listen to the whole thing, or you won't know why you should be offended.

Big News Breakdown!

The OG Four are in the house for the Big News Breakdown!

Congrats, Jesus!

Our friend Jamil Suleman, whom you may know as Seattle Jesus, won a big opportunity at the Seattle Film Summit for his work!

We Do Too Have Friends

We co-hosted a rally called Block Amazon's Bid on Biden: Abolish ICE, Save the Planet! With some of our MOST favorite community leaders, like Seattle DSA, Kshama Sawant, the Shaun Scott campaign, Transit Riders Union, La Resistencia, and Maru Mora, Extinction Rebellion, Mazaska Talks, Natives for Bernie Sanders, and us, the Better Left Network! We united in solidarity protest Joe Biden coming to Seattle for a private fundraiser hosted by Amazon's General Counsel and Vice President.

Troy Helped at Congress Camp!

As a volunteer for Brand New Congress, I got to help with this year's Summit planning! The Brand New Congress Summit hosted nearly 80 people made up of Congressional campaign teams, candidates, and Brand New Congress volunteers over the course of two days - we call it Congress Camp, and it is incredible!

Learn more about the BNC here:

Follow them on Facebook here:

And their twitter here:

The Palette Cleanser!

What Harry Potter house are you? Let's get this sorted. Join Corn, Troy, Nicollete, and Washington State Congressional candidate Peter Khalil!

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