Allison M F Taylor: Community Leader, LGBTQ Advocate, Courageous Survivor

Allison M F Taylor: Community Leader, LGBTQ Advocate, Courageous Survivor

Warning: This episode contains vivid descriptions of a brutal knife attack from the perspective of a survivor. It's powerful, it's heartwrenching, and we were honored that our guest chose to share her story with us. You may want to skip this episode, or at least jump over the 1:22:00 through 1:30:00 to the end.

Welcome to the Better Left Podcast! We picked the best guest to join us after our brief hiatus. Queen of the Dirty South? Leader of the Rebel Alliance? Trouble if you make it? Maybe even if you don't?

She's so good, we very nearly didn't have enough title to tout Taylor's talents, but ta-da! Allison M F Taylor has been fighting the good fight across the Puget Sound in the areas of labor leadership, as the Chair of the 30th Legislative District, as a life-long social activist, as a champion for the LGBTQ community, she's building a coalition of people working to host the very first pride parade in Federal Way, WA. She's an accomplished bridge-builder, but she's not afraid to shake the foundations in the pursuit of social justice. She's honest, she's smart, and she's not backing down until you work it out - and if it isn't today, don't worry. If you are as serious about making a positive impact as she is, you'll get plenty of opportunities to make it right.

We discuss her history of service, the struggle within and without the party, the fight for equity, racial and social justice, the challenge of being a political leader in the Washington State Democratic Party while also maintaining a vocal point of view.

Allison also shares her journey after surviving the brutal October 2018 stabbing at the hands of her husband. A man in the throes of a mental health crisis exacerbated by a methamphetamine binge attacked Allison, stabbing her 9 times and injuring her so severely that she spent 35 days recovering in the hospital.

We're proud of this episode, and we're proud of Allison. We hope you enjoy, too.

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