Boys Talk Star Wars, Justice v Kobe, SEIU v Providence, & Remembering Bacca

Boys Talk Star Wars, Justice v Kobe, SEIU v Providence, & Remembering Bacca

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Greetings friends. We had some concerns about this week's show. The topics of race, gender, violence against marginalized communities, pervasive, systemic racism with tendrils so deep into the foundation of the systems we've built that places ostensibly created to mete out justice with impartiality have instead reinforced inequity and inequality, institutionalizing bias against race, gender, and class, that we end up codifying exclusion to the point of excess.

How in the world could we be equipped to discuss these things? What makes us think we have the expertise? How is it that we would purport to know anything, or to preach to others about how it should be done?

Well, in truth, we aren't equipped. We openly admit that we are not experts. We do not have the answers to problems so complex as this. So while we do not commit to knowing or having the answers, we can commit to this: We do this podcast because we want to know. We want to challenge each other to see the world through eyes as clear as possible. That means interrogating our ideas and understanding our personal biases and how they inform our world view. It means listening. It means asking questions. It means taking risks and asking hard questions, and it means being prepared for what the answer really is.

So, please enjoy the show with the caveat that we know there are voices that can and should be represented in this conversation. We're working to make that happen. Is your voice missing? Reach out: [email protected]

Your opinion is important and vital, both to us and to the world at large. Thanks for listening.

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Star Wars: Nerds Gonna Nerd

The Star Wars Always, the Topher Grace supercut Trailer:

About Star Wars Always:

"Back in 2014, Topher Grace cut all three prequels into one film, but due to copyright issues, he was unable to screen it to more than just his inner circle. And now, he and his editor mate Jeff Yorkes, have cut all of the Star Wars live-action films into one 5-minute clip, titled Star Wars: Always.'10 movies. 2 nerds. 1 weekend (when our wives were out of town). Enjoy,' he tweeted." The Trevarrow Script Leak:

Kobe Bryant Discussion: Justice for victims, Restorative justice, Cancel culture, Systemic racism. You know, the easy stuff.

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The SEIU Action Against Swedish

Rest in Peace, David Bacca.

1979 - 2020

You are sorely missed.

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