Corn Goes to Iowa: What Went Down in Caucus Town

Corn Goes to Iowa: What Went Down in Caucus Town

Jay and Troy talk with Cassidy "Corn" Butler and Mark "Krouton" Routon, who were in Iowa working the caucus, Corn was there as Field Director, and Krouton as a volunteer in the field, both called to Iowa by their commitment to a Bernie Sander's Presidency, they're back to tell their stories from the field! Run-ins with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Michael Moore, trapping national press in an elevator, and more importantly, stories from the people of Iowa. It's a real adventure and you'll want to listen to every minute of it.

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Your Hosts: Troy Hewitt, Jay Smith

Editing: Jay Smith

Show Notes: Troy Hewit

Guests: Cassidy Butler, Mark Routon

Intro song: Bern Necessities

Outro Song: Bernie Can both parodies and written by Eli Alpern and performed by The Bernettes!!!!!

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