Better Left Podcast: The Maiden Voyage

Better Left Podcast: The Maiden Voyage

Join us for the very first episode of the very first season of the Better Left Podcast. In this episode, former Washington State Congressional candidate for the 2018 midterm elections, Sarah Smith, is joined by her super-pals and campaign compatriots Cassidy AKA "Corn", Bill AKA "Bill", and Troy AKA "Troy". Together, with our production team, Jay Smith, and Andres, they host the very first episode of the Better Left podcast.

In this episode, we talk:

-What the...BLEEP?

- What CRAZY thing happened in the news last week?!

-Big News Breakdown!

- What HUGE news stories dominated our feeds?

-Reflecting on Sarah's run for Congress in Washington's 9th Congressional.

- What did we learn about ourselves? How did we all grow?

-We Build the current slate of presidential candidates out of... magnets?

- There are so, so many. And we misname so many people.

Stay tuned for weekly episodes and new programs as we continue to highlight issues important to our community, as presented by our community.

Music this episode:

Waylon Thornton's Favorite Secrets track from the Mystery Club album

Keshco's Stock Share Shuffle

This is a non-commercial endeavor that we created for fun and friends in a basement in the beautiful city of Seattle in the great state of Washington.

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