Dillon Francis’s Ancillary Interns

Dillon Francis’s Ancillary Interns

Dillon Francis is having such a hard time keeping up with Chak Chel's demands, Gerald suggests that he hire an assistant--unable to afford an assistant, due to his finances being tied up in Chak Chel's outrageous otherworldly plan and the remainder of his spending cash going to Hanzel-- in order to portal between certain destinations on rogue missions--he enlists two interns to help complete tasks.


How the fuck did he get in here?

Fuck you, that's how.

Fuck you, Dillon Francis.

Fuck you.

No, fuck you, Dillon Francis. Get out of here.

You get out of here--what are you even doing here?

What are you doing here?

I live here. How did you even get here?

I live here.

You don't live anywhere.

Fuck you!

Fuck YOU!

Both: What is s/he doing here?

(Ohh, Because it's also--)

((Yeah, me. I get it, infinite.))

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