Can you not do cocaine right now???

*sniffs* No.

*sniffs harder*


Alright. You know what, Dillon Francis?

That's Hanzel.


No, he's an Elf—


He's only half whatthefuck.

Oh, damn man—d-

Yeah, let's go.

—well, what happened?

He just died.

Oh. Okay then.

Yeah, let's go.

—the first time?

Yeah dude, like.

Oh, okay, my bad


I'm off by a lot,

I missed him!


I miss him

Now let's invest in pleasure,

Call it The Office,

A Hot Spot so I can stop by and try to stop



I fly by ‘em, but won't look him in the eye,

It's wild

I'll try to find some guy, or something

[Gah, I died.]

Oh shit, is he still playing that game?

A few day late and 98 dollars short,

I short ordered support and a court order;

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