“My Simulation Built Different.”

“My Simulation Built Different.”

That was terrible dancing.

It was.

Oh, shit.

Oh Coco-shit?

That's not even a good joke.

I'm out of good jokes. I'm out of good energy.

Go watch the Dillon Francis channel.

I did, but I got distracted on my way to Gerald, and that's how I found the Official Video for Coconut Nut. That's when I realised, I can't take the chances on Gerald.

What, why?

Because, Dillon Francis might be an Asshole..

Asshole Dillon Francis?


Makes sense.

Wait, how's he an Asshole?

Anyway an Asshole's an Asshole.

But Dillon Francis is half the show?

He's not half, the show hasn't even happened.

Besides, if he's half the show, whose the other half?


But there is an evil--

Don't even mention it.

Well, who's the Egotistic--


Egoistic Skrillex.

Fuck you.

Fuck you, Asshole.

Asshole Dillon Francis.

That's likely.

And Egotistic Skrillex.

Just as likely.

So, who's the Asshole?

I guess both of them, then.

What does that make you?

The Jackass.

Oh shit, who was at the Carl Cox show?

How would I know?

Johnny Knoxville.

Oh, yeah. that.

Yeah, in a hat.

Oh, no, here it goes.

Here what goes?

What is Johnny Knoxville doing dancing to techno?

Was he dancing, or just standing, laughing?

Oh no, not this scenario.

What did his hat say?

I don't know, I can't remember.

Was he Bampheramphing, perhaps?

I don't know, I liked his hat though.

Who's the hat?

Not that again.

Not that, but So-So.


The man behind the massive ego-asshole, perhaps?

I just don't know. I'm ready to be over it, though.

It's to death.

Congratulations! Happy marriage to you both.

But we're not married.

Maybe not, but soul bonds last longer.

What the fuck is that supposed to mean.

Between the two of you, forget older than old souls, more like decrepit.

Well, I'm almost dead again, so consider it soul-sold.

Josh Pan!

Even that's getting old.

Everybody is, go handle all your business.

I don't even know where to start.

Josh Pan!

What about him?

The resold-souls.

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