What Would Dillon Do?

What Would Dillon Do?

Do you think he's with someone?

Idk. Tour clause.

You made that up

Think it's real?

Someone took the picture.

Just forget it l.

It isn't him—

—but I know him—

You know all of them—


Just find another.

Another lover, please—

Not to love—


Just to fuck.

Oh. Right.

Please, in California.

It's over populated, should be easy.

It's this body, no one wants it.

I need this.

“The Curse”

A man longs for his true love( and his counterpart hers—but she is cursed, to be trapped inside a body he could never find himself to be attracted to.

What the fuck is this.

This is real.

It's the truth.

He's so shallow. They all are.

So, no love?

There's none left.

That's not fair.

Nothing is fair. This is business.

A fat girlfriend—I want one'

Said no one, ever.

What about the guys with fat girlfriends?

You mean, these guys?

*guys guys with girlfriends looking at Kayla Lauren on Instagram.*



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