Ep 030 Ice Under Fire (Swords Against Dice)

Ep 030 Ice Under Fire (Swords Against Dice)

Live from Wyoming, Michigan; It's Swords Against Dice!

As mentioned in the announcement before this episode, this is a special live episode where the whole Pumpkin crew plus guest player Stan got to play in person. there were birds, loud cars, and an icecream truck.

Tula, Arathan, and desert warrior turned thief Shanks embark on what would have been a normal ambush on a treasure laiden caravan only to discover that beneath the earth an ancient secret was being uncovered.

Thank you for listening, and again thank you to guest player Stan. You can follow our page on facebook, email us at [email protected] or join our discord page by following this link: https://discord.gg/33sEtr4R

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