Episode 35: Healing Grief and Shame Around Your Money Story with Kristen D'Amato

Episode 35: Healing Grief and Shame Around Your Money Story with Kristen D'Amato

In this episode, Hannah Chapman, CFP, APMA, CRPC, talks with Kristen D'Amato, keynote speaker, educator, and author. Kristen D'Amato is the creator of the Wheel of Whole Body Healing, a highly effective, expansive model that empowers individuals to become confident collaborators in their healthcare experience. She is the founder and CEO of Come to Life, a business offering consulting and capacity building programs for conventional and alternative healthcare practitioners, as well as individuals. Her doctoral research, in the field of mind-body medicine, explores themes of belonging, grief, and chronic conditions. Her new book, We Choose Love: Redefining Our Relationship to Healing – An Empowering Approach to Chronic Conditions & beyond, comes out this summer alongside the launch of Come to Life's signature companion program. You can get the book at http://www.kristendamato.com/wechooselove

Listen in as we discuss:

  • How we relate to our bodies and how we can expand the idea of healing

  • Embracing our humanity in our healing journeys

  • The real reason you're not meeting your financial goals

  • How to work through emotions in order to make real change

  • The many layers of shame when it comes to your money

  • The importance of grief work if you're feeling disempowered and unworthy

  • Hannah's and Kristen's personal money stories

  • Societal systems that play into your relationship with money

Connect with Kristen:

Website: kristendamato.com

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Book: http://www.kristendamato.com/wechooselove

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