Episode 40: Creating Epic Boundaries with Krisha Young

Episode 40: Creating Epic Boundaries with Krisha Young

Are there areas in your life or business in which you find it hard to speak up and not rock the boat? Do you often feel frustrated? Or do you find yourself being harsh with others? These are all signs that point to not having clear boundaries.

In this episode, Hannah Chapman, CFP, APMA, CRPC, founder of X² Wealth Planning and Expansive CEO talks with Krisha Young, entrepreneur, coach, and author, about defining and setting boundaries in your life and business. Founder of The Pattern Release Coaching Framework, Krisha teaches successful entrepreneurs how to have healthy boundaries and release old patterns of self-betrayal. Krisha knows what happens when we betray ourselves and has devoted her life to help you break free from the disease to please and live a technicolor life because you are TOO amazing for living in beige.

  • How boundaries help you get your needs met

  • The impact of not having clear boundaries for your business

  • Practical steps to start building boundaries

  • Boundaries are who you are, defining where you start and end

  • How having boundaries is a loving thing to do for yourself and others

  • How learning your Human Design can help you understand your needs

Connect with Krisha:

Instagram : www.instagram.com/thekrishayoung

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/krisha.k.young

Website: www.krishayoung.com

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