Episode 42: Creating Better Educational Outcomes for Our Kids with Valerie Grant

Episode 42: Creating Better Educational Outcomes for Our Kids with Valerie Grant

Do you know someone that is navigating school for their child with unique needs? As a parent of two children on the autism spectrum, Hannah knows firsthand the challenges that parents face.

In this episode, Hannah Chapman, CFP, APMA, CRPC, founder of X² Wealth Planning and Expansive CEO talks with Valerie Grant, advocate and founder of Pinch Point Consulting, LLC.

With 18+ years of experience as a special education teacher and administrator, Valerie is here to tell us how we can start creating better outcomes for our children that may need extra support.

Tune in to learn more:

  • What is an advocate and signs you may need one

  • How to create better collaboration between schools and parents

  • Hannah's personal experience as a parent of children with unique needs

  • What's it's like to be a parent navigating the school system when their child has unique needs

  • The grief process parents go through when their child receives a diagnosis

  • How schools can support parents on this journey

  • How parent/school relationships can become adversarial and how to prevent this from happening

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