Episode 53: Financial Friday - What it Means to Spend Joyfully

Episode 53: Financial Friday - What it Means to Spend Joyfully

If you're a regular follower of my work, you know that I'm on a mission to help my clients "save wisely, spend joyfully, and support the causes that matter to their heart generously." However, many business owners are under constant pressure to make money, and often don't feel joy in their financial transactions.

In this special Investment Friday episode, join me, Hannah Chapman, CFP, APMA, CRPC, as I discuss what it means to spend joyfully, even when you're spending your money on bills and business expenses.

  • Why feeling joy when receiving money is the first step

  • How your worries are not serving you and your business' growth

  • Yes, it's possible to pay your bills and debts with joy

  • A book I highly recommend to grow in this area

  • Real results I have seen with clients that made this shift

  • Two questions to ask yourself that will create awareness of your emotions toward money

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