Episode 56: Creating Balance For Yourself and Your Business with S. Brooke Bailey

Episode 56: Creating Balance For Yourself and Your Business with S. Brooke Bailey

As entrepreneurs, we are all too familiar with the negative effects burnout can have on our lives.

In this episode, Hannah Chapman, CFP, APMA, CRPC, has a much-needed conversation with Brooke Bailey, MBA, PCC, RYT, about her work to help female entrepreneurs find balance in their lives - personally and professionally. Her vision is to normalize a balanced approach to entrepreneurship in which all women business owners can experience success without sacrificing their health.

Tune in to learn more:

  • Brooke's and Hannah's personal experiences of digging out of burnout

  • Why your personal and professional life should not be compartmentalized

  • How eastern practices like yoga and ayurveda can useful in finding balance

  • Why some of your good habits can actually be aggravating your imbalance

  • The importance of working in seasons in your business and your life

  • How to start adjusting your lifestyle with an already full schedule

Connect with Brooke here:

Website: https://sbrookebailey.com

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