Episode 75: Are We Entering Into the Age of Aquarius? With Melanie Marisol

Episode 75: Are We Entering Into the Age of Aquarius? With Melanie Marisol

A big global shift is coming this year as Pluto moves into Aquarius and out of Capricorn. What did we experience during the age of Capricorn and what should we expect to occur over the next 19 years?

In this intriguing episode, Hannah Chapman, CFP, APMA, CRPC, talks with Melanie Marisol, business astrologer, shadow integration doula, and third-generation medium, about what we can expect as we enter a new era later this year.

Tune in as we discuss:

  • The significance of Pluto moving into Aquarius and out of Capricorn

  • Which global powers may balance out the US

  • What could happen to currency, data, and money

  • Areas will we see destruction vs advancement

  • Why wealth will be redefined

  • How astrology illuminates your business plan

  • Examples of historical events demonstrating the Aquarius era

  • Melanie's free gift to CEO's

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