Episode 78: Investment Friday - My Real Issue with Dave Ramsey

Episode 78: Investment Friday - My Real Issue with Dave Ramsey

Dave Ramsey rose to fame on his “debt snowball” method and extreme cost cutting strategies to help people get out of debt, and uses his platform to voice his opinions about how people spend their money. And his opinions tend to be full of name calling, shaming, and mockery.

In this informative episode, Hannah Chapman, CFP, APMA, CRPC, shares a recent podcast clip from Dave Ramsey and his response to a caller who was in a tight financial spot with his wife and family. Hannah shares her response to the clip and why it's important to have compassion and understanding when helping clients financially instead of shame and mockery.

Tune in as Hannah discusses:

  • Do Dave Ramsey's debt strategies work for everyone?

  • What happens when clients are shamed or judged by a financial professional?

  • How Hannah would have responded to the caller

  • Are there other strategies that can be used during difficult financial times instead of debt strategies?

  • Can our money stories play a role in the stress we are experiencing with our finances?

  • How to know when your Financial Advisor has your best interest in mind

  • Why care and support are important for clients who are making financial decisions.

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